WATCH VIDEO: Poupette Kenza Faces Backlash After Filming Husband Allan’s Medical Emergency

WATCH VIDEO: Poupette Kenza Faces Backlash After Filming Husband Allan’s Medical Emergency

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However, the recording of these videos has not gone down well with netizens, with many even labeling them as staged.

An angry netizen commented, “We urgently need to stop giving importance to such individuals. Without an audience, they will return to nothingness.”


Another user posted, “She’s totally crazy, and her world is all about the buzz. Her children are clearly in danger when you see her behavior.”

This isn’t the first time Poupette Kenza has faced criticism; a few days earlier, she was derided for her “anti-Semitic remarks.”

However, Poupette Kenza was unapologetic and said,


“Allan is in the hospital. I’ll give you the news when I have it. Those who criticize my reaction to filming in distress in a house in Tangier, where no one came to help me, or the fact that I resuscitated him with my foot because my hand did not have enough strength (…) I wish never to be in this situation of helplessness and not knowing how to do anything.”

She added that she was going to turn off her phone because she is “petrified for life” by what she has just experienced.

However, a few hours later, she reconnected and shared that Allan had an epileptic attack and was going urgently to see a neurologist.

This was followed by a series of posts:

  • “The first one, when I posted, I had already resuscitated him. The second one, I posted out of panic; I was screaming everywhere, no one came to help me, I didn’t know what to do.”
  • “I’ll give you news of what the doctors say. The videos will be useful to me. I have just experienced the biggest trauma of my life; I will never recover from it. I’m going to lose the little one, I feel it… I can’t feel my body anymore; that’s it, I’m paralyzed. I saw my husband leave; I was in shock.”

Allan suffered an epileptic seizure while on vacation in Morocco.

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