Internet Reacts to Viral Carnival Cruise Fight Video: They act like they were raised in a barn

Internet Reacts to Viral Carnival Cruise Fight Video: They act like they were raised in a barn

Carnival Cruise Ship--

“Those girls were already set on what they were gonna do. It just got out of hand very, very quickly. And that’s how it happens. You’re just drinking too much.”

Rugg’s tweet featuring the viral video had over three million views at the time of writing. Responses included:


“Imagine being stuck in the middle of the ocean with them,” one person said.

“Didn’t know Spirit Airlines had a cruiseline too,” another joked.

“What a nice bunch of classy gals,” someone else remarked.


The identities of the women remain unknown. Other reactions included:

“Carnival should have removed them right away. This behavior needs to stop,” one user stated.

“It’s always the drunk girls from Tampa, isn’t it,” another said.

“I could never do a cruise. The idea of being trapped with these people is what nightmares are made of,” someone else commented.

The fight occurred on the Carnival Paradise, which was returning to its home port in Tampa, Florida. Another reaction read:

“The nightmare of being stuck with these people on a boat in the middle of the ocean must be horrible. I’d demand a refund.”

Carnival Cruise issued a statement after the video went viral, emphasizing their values of making everyone feel welcome and included, and demonstrating care and respect towards each other. They declared that such behavior would not be tolerated, announcing that the guests involved in the brawl were fined and banned from future cruises.

This incident follows a viral TikTok last month where a Kentucky family revealed that their $15,000 vacation, planned a year in advance, was canceled by Carnival two days before departure. The cancellation occurred after the family accidentally shared their booking number online.

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