Sophie Rain Spiderman Video Leaks on Online X Twitter TikTokand Facebook

Sophie Rain Spiderman Video Leaks on Online X Twitter TikTokand Facebook

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Florida-based influencer Sophie Rain has been making headlines due to an alleged video featuring her. Over the weekend, the social media star responded to trolls with a TikTok reel featuring NLE Choppa. Rain faced criticism in the comments, with users telling her not to make another Spiderman video.

She had recently appeared in a clip dressed as the superhero, but many online claimed that parts of the alleged video were edited. TimesNow has not confirmed whether the footage is real or altered.


In the TikTok reel with NLE Choppa, which has racked up around 10 million views, Sophie danced alongside the rapper. The short clip, captioned with a purple heart and the text "You better not make another Spiderman video" in white, showed both influencers in casual pink and white outfits, seemingly unfazed by the trolls. Click HERE to see Rain and Choppa's dance moves on TikTok.

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On another TikTok reel, a fan commented, "If we get you to 10 million, you have to do Spiderman part three." Rain, who is also an OnlyFans star, replied with "deal" and a namaste emoji. Meanwhile, bot accounts have been spreading an extended version of the Spiderman video, claiming that the explicit footage features Rain.


This led to a flurry of speculation on Reddit, with many questioning if the person in the adult video is indeed Sophie Rain. One user commented, "I'm genuinely curious because nobody will say... I saw a version floating around that is a sex tape, but it’s not actually her, so I'm confused." Another added, "I saw it, but you can't really see her face, so I don't think it's her." A third user remarked, "The non-nude parts seem real, but in the sex parts, you can't see her face, so I don't think those are real."

Sophie Rain, who has over 10 million followers combined on Instagram and TikTok, has not made any further comments regarding the controversy as of this report.

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