YouTube Playables Officially Launches: Play Free Games Directly from the App

YouTube Playables Officially Launches: Play Free Games Directly from the App

YouTube Playables--

After testing with select users since mid-last year, YouTube has officially launched its new feature called Playables to all users worldwide this week.

Playables allows users to play games directly within the YouTube app on Android and iOS, or on the YouTube website, free of charge. This feature can be found on the Explore page by clicking on the "Playables" menu.


Through Playables, YouTube claims that users will be able to play over 75 games without needing to install them.

Additionally, YouTube has started rolling out “Playables,” a game hub for Premium users.

All the games available in Playables are considered "small" games, featuring simple gameplay mechanics. These games can typically be completed in a relatively short amount of time.



Some of the games included in Playables are Angry Birds Showdown, Words of Wonders, Cut the Rope, Tomb of the Mask, Trivia Crack, Chess Classic, Farm Land, 8 Ball Billiards Classic, Alien Shooter, Brain Out, and many more.

In the Playables menu, users can access two tabs.

The first tab is "Home," which shows popular recommended games, games played by friends, or games the user has previously played.

The Playables menu on the YouTube app has two tabs: Home and Browse. Each game can be played directly in the app or on the web after clicking the "Start Game" button.

The second tab is "Browse," where users can see all the games available in YouTube Playables.

Here, users can also invite other YouTube users to play games from Playables by clicking the "Share" button found in the "three dots" menu at the bottom right of each game.

To play a game in YouTube Playables, users can click on the game they want to play or press the "Start game" button in either the Home or Browse tabs.

As summarized by KompasTekno from BlogYouTube on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, the Playables feature is now available to users worldwide via the Playables menu in YouTube's Explore menu starting today.

This feature is available to both Premium and free users. According to KompasTekno's observations on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, this feature has not yet appeared on the homepage for users in Indonesia.

It seems that users in Indonesia will need to be a bit patient, as new YouTube features are typically rolled out gradually over several days or weeks.

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