iPhone 17 Slim: Downsizing Screen for a Sleeker Experience

iPhone 17 Slim: Downsizing Screen for a Sleeker Experience

iPhone 17 Slim Screen--

iPhone 17 Slim: Downsizing Screen for a Sleeker Experience

Just a few hours ago, there was a rumor circulating that suggested Apple's successor to the iPhone 16 Plus might be named the iPhone 17 Slim. With this new name in mind, one could speculate that it would be the thinnest model in the iPhone 17 lineup, although this alone doesn't seem to justify such a significant change.


However, when you consider this alongside the fact that its screen will be smaller than both the current iPhone 15 Plus and the upcoming iPhone 16 Plus, it begins to make more sense. Now, a generally reliable source, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants, has provided an exact measurement for the diagonal.

According to him, the screen of the iPhone 17 Slim will measure precisely 6.55 inches diagonally. Young has thus provided more precision compared to the earlier report by analyst Jeff Pu, who simply labeled it as "6.6 inches."

Currently, the iPhone 15 Plus boasts a 6.7-inch screen, and its immediate successor is expected to maintain that size. On the other hand, the Pro Max is expanding to 6.9 inches, leading us to speculate that Apple may prefer customers seeking the largest iPhone display to opt for the Pro Max rather than the significantly cheaper Plus model. Soon, there might not be another option if rumors that the iPhone 16 Pro Max will expand to 6.9 inches are true, and the iPhone 17 Pro Max will maintain that size while the iPhone 17 Slim shrinks.



Of course, regardless of the reliability of the source, it's important to keep in mind that we're approximately 18 months away from the release of the iPhone 17 family, meaning many things (almost everything, in fact) could change from now until then, even if this information is accurate.

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