Tesla Executes Largest Workforce Reduction, Laying Off 14,000 Employees

Tesla Executes Largest Workforce Reduction, Laying Off 14,000 Employees

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Apple Also Implements Layoffs

In early April, Apple carried out layoffs affecting more than 600 employees. This was revealed through a notice of mass layoffs filed by Apple with the California state representatives' office.

Under California law, employers must provide a 60-day notice to employees and state representatives before a mass layoff occurs.


The employees listed for layoffs were reported to work at Apple's buildings around Santa Clara, California. This location is close to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Some of these locations were previously mentioned as sites for Apple Car development. Hence, it's highly likely that the layoffs of the 600 employees are related to Apple's decision to halt work on the associated car project.

After a decade in development, Apple's electric car project, known as "Project Titan," was finally halted in March 2024 indefinitely. Apple is now shifting its focus to artificial intelligence (AI) services.



According to an anonymous employee, Apple's Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Vice President in charge of Project Titan, Kevin Lynch, announced the news to the team on Tuesday (26/2/2024).

At the time of cessation, the Apple Car project reportedly had around 2,000 employees. Some were reassigned to the AI division and other related divisions.

Other employees were given 90 days to apply for other available positions within Apple. If they couldn't secure a new position, they would be included in the layoff list.

Apple also recently terminated internal microLED screen development, so these layoffs may also be related to the decision to cease that work, as reported by MacRumors.

According to ArenaEV, several factors led to the discontinuation of Apple's electric car project, including leadership changes, strategic shifts, and skyrocketing project costs.

Additionally, Apple executives expressed concerns about shrinking profit margins and escalating costs, prompting them to pivot towards AI.

Now, instead of producing an Apple-branded electric car, the Cupertino-based company is reportedly redirecting resources to its artificial intelligence development division.

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