Former chief designer of Ferrari impressed with the Lamborghini Lanzador

Former Ferrari chief designer Frank Stephenson, known for his work on models like the F430 and FXX, expressed his enthusiasm for the Lamborghini Lanzador in a new video he posted on his YouTube channel. Commenting on the car’s design, he had nothing but praise for it and discussed some potential improvements.

Specifically, he suggested that one change he would make would be to the design of the hood, to make the model even more aggressive. Speaking about the interior, Stephenson admired the driver-focused approach without neglecting passenger space, noting that rear passengers have their own comfort zone.

Stephenson concluded that the Lanzador is a design marvel that embodies the essence of Lamborghini, describing it as a bold experiment that can proudly boast of innovative design and commendable aerodynamics without the need for large, unnecessary spoilers, as he highlighted.

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