The Umbrella Academy Season 3 has been announced for release in 2022

Since November 2020, when Netflix announced the renewal of The Umbrella Academy for a third season, fans have been counting down the days till the release of The Umbrella Academy season 3.

When the renewal was announced, many fans hoped that Netflix will be able to release the season in 2021. While the first and second seasons were separated by more than a year, Netflix was able to release fresh seasons rather quickly, with season 1 debuting in February 2019 and season 2 in July 2020.

However, 2021 is rapidly approaching, and Netflix has already declared unequivocally that the third season of The Umbrella Academy will not air in 2021.
Why is there no new season of The Umbrella Academy scheduled for release in 2021?

Given that Netflix has published a season of The Umbrella Academy every year since the show’s launch in 2019, many fans assumed that season 3 would arrive in 2021. Unfortunately, the show was one of several that began production later than intended owing to the pandemic, with filming scheduled to conclude in August 2021.

Due to the scope of the effects added in post-production, the series normally takes several months to finish once filming concludes, which is likely the primary reason no new season is scheduled for release in 2021.
When will The Umbrella Academy season 3 premiere?

While fans were not rewarded to a new season of The Umbrella Academy in 2021, the good news is that they will not have to wait long for the next installment of Netflix’s blockbuster comic-book drama!

Although Netflix has not confirmed a specific release date, it has been reported that The Umbrella Academy season 3 would premiere on the streaming service sometime in 2022 as part of the streaming giant’s Geeked Genre programming schedule.

Given that Netflix has announced the precise release dates for numerous programs planned to premiere in January and February 2022, it is probable that The Umbrella Academy season 3 will premiere in March 2022. Of course, Netflix might opt to reserve season 3 till the summer, in keeping with the series’ previous July release date.

While we’ll have to wait and see when Netflix decides to release season3, the good news is that we know season 3 will arrive in 2022 and will not be pushed back to 2023!