Tesla introduces the Powerwall 3, an energy storage solution that utilizes lithium-ion battery technology

Tesla has unveiled the third generation of its Powerwall, an energy storage solution that utilizes lithium-ion battery technology and is manufactured by Tesla Energy. The Powerwall serves as a means to store electricity generated by solar panels and acts as a backup power source.

The Powerwall 3 offers an attractive option for those interested in managing power outages and, according to Tesla, it’s a fully integrated solar and battery system, complete with its own solar inverter. The inverter can handle up to six solar inputs.

Furthermore, it boasts a maximum power output of 11.5 kW, whether drawing power from the grid or during a power outage. This is an increase from the 10 kW of the Powerwall 2 and the 9.6 kW of the Powerwall+, especially when the grid is down.

The new Powerwall has dimensions of approximately 1,098 mm in height, 609.6 mm in width, and 193 mm in thickness, making it slightly smaller in height but approximately 50 mm thicker compared to the second-generation Powerwall. Its capacity remains unchanged at 13.5 kWh, the same as the Powerwall 2.

This updated Powerwall should provide homeowners with enhanced energy storage and backup power capabilities, particularly when coupled with solar panel systems, helping to reduce reliance on the grid and provide resilience during power interruptions.

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