Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 Edition, Exclusively for collectors

Toyota is celebrating its 100th GR Supra GT4 race car by producing a limited edition model called the GR Supra GT4 100 Edition. This special edition is exclusively designed for collectors and is intended for track use only. Toyota will manufacture just three GR Supra GT4 100 Edition vehicles—one for Europe, one for North America, and one for Asia—making it one of the rarest cars ever produced.

All three of these special editions will feature Plasma Orange paint, be based on the GR Supra GT4 Evo, and come equipped with a 3.0-liter inline-six engine that produces 450 horsepower. They will also feature a larger hood air vent, new aerodynamic elements on the front bumper, a new exhaust without a muffler, and carbon-fiber mirrors.

The price for the GR Supra GT4 100 Edition in Europe is set at €220,000.

This limited edition model is a tribute to Toyota’s racing heritage and is sure to be a sought-after collector’s item.

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