First 2024 Ford Mustang to Crash? It’s only been a few weeks since Ford started shipping

It seems that the tradition of Mustang drivers occasionally losing control of their cars and crashing continues with the next-generation 2024 Ford Mustang. A photo of a 2024 Mustang involved in a crash has already appeared online, despite the fact that deliveries of the new model only began in mid-August.

The photo, which was posted on Reddit’s r/Mustang, shows the 2024 Mustang partially off the road, seemingly stopped on a median strip in a residential-looking area. What’s even more concerning is that it appears to be facing the wrong way, based on the other cars in the background.

From the photo, it seems that there isn’t much damage to the grass, but the passenger-side airbag has deployed, and the rear passenger-side wheel looks dislodged. It’s possible that the driver lost control of the Mustang, hit the curb in the middle of the road, and ended up on the median.

The location of the incident appears to be near a building with a “Be Kind” banner, which suggests it could be a church or an elementary school, although this is speculative.

While this incident might be one of the first recorded instances of a crash involving the 2024 Mustang, it’s not uncommon for Mustangs to be involved in such incidents. It remains to be seen if the damaged vehicle will end up on an auction site, potentially attracting tuners looking for a project.

Despite occasional incidents like these, Ford Mustang enthusiasts can take solace in the fact that the car continues to carry its legacy as a true Mustang, known for its power and occasionally unruly behavior.

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