Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date Announced for PS5, When?

The highly anticipated second installment of Square Enix’s ambitious project, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, now has an official release date. Gamers can expect to dive into this epic on February 29, 2024, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Sony recently showcased Final Fantasy VII Rebirth during its State of Play event, offering fans a glimpse of what’s to come in a new trailer. The game’s story picks up with Cloud, Yuffie, and their companions continuing their quest to find Sephiroth after their escape from Midgar. This time, they embark on a globe-spanning adventure, traversing lush fields on Chocobos, exploring new environments, and even, surprisingly, cruising around on Segways.

To underscore the magnitude of the game, Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on two discs. The publisher also revealed that players can expect nearly 100 hours of gameplay. Remarkably, even with this extensive gameplay, the narrative will only take players to the midpoint of the original Final Fantasy VII.

For those who haven’t experienced the previous installment, Square Enix is offering a “twin pack” that includes Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (the enhanced version) and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Pre-orders are now open, and this bundle grants instant access to the first entry in this captivating trilogy.

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