READ Lookism Chapter 466 ENG: Battle of Brothers – Lookism 466 RAW Spoiler and Plot

READ Lookism Chapter 466 ENG: Battle of Brothers – Lookism 466 RAW Spoiler and Plot, Gapryong Kim’s son intervenes in the situation between Samuel and Alexander. He beats some sense into Samuel and saves Alexander from potential harm. The intention behind this intervention is to rescue Alexander rather than cause harm to Samuel.

Alexander and Gapryong Kim’s son then work together to take care of Samuel. Their approach is not to inflict severe harm but to subdue him until he regains his senses. Meanwhile, another significant event in the chapter involves a showdown between Zack and Johan.

Zack, despite his previous inability to defeat Johan, is determined to face him once more. He believes that he has no choice but to defeat Johan or face dire consequences. This determination adds an exciting and intense element to Lookism Chapter 465.

Fans can look forward to the release of Chapter 465 on Friday, September 8th, 2023, at midnight KST.

Read online Lookism Chapter 465 English, Lookism Chapter 465 466 RAW Spoiler and Plot

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Manhwa Lookism chapter 466 English Full

Summary: Lookism

Дискриминация по внешности

Read the original webcomic behind Netflix’s new animated series! Daniel is an unattractive loner who wakes up in a different body. Now tall, handsome, and cooler than ever in his new form, Daniel aims to achieve everything he couldn’t before. How far will he go to keep his body… and his secrets?

Original Webtoon: Naver Webtoon, Naver Series

Official Translations: English, T.Chinese, German, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, French, Spanish

Lookism chapter 465 Release Date

Lookism chapter 465 is one of most highly anticipated manhwa.

This manhwa release every Thursday on KakaoPage, Daum.

Where to Read Lookism chapter 465

Where can I read Lookism chapter 465 Eng Sub Online?. Don’t worry, you can read Lookism chapter 465 English and all Episodes of Manhwa Lookism chapter 465 for free and legally on Webtoon in this week. Below is the official and alternative website for reading Lookism chapter 465 English Subtitles online for free.


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