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Read My Happy Marriage Chapter 28. Romance manga and light novels often find their way into anime adaptations and live-action sequels, and one such recent example is “My Happy Marriage,” which has captured the attention of fans.

“My Happy Marriage” began as a light novel before being adapted into a manga, live-action movie, and an anime series. The light novel was first published on January 19, 2019, written by Agitogi Akumi.

In this article, we will provide updates on the latest chapter of “My Happy Marriage.” We’ll cover the release date of Chapter 28, delve into the plot, discuss potential spoilers, and share expectations based on what we know so far.

“My Happy Marriage” is a fantasy romance set in a historical context. It revolves around the successful marriage between two individuals who were brought together for selfish reasons by their parents.

The story focuses on the female protagonist, Miyo Saimori, who was born into a prestigious family with supernatural abilities. However, Miyo’s life has been anything but pleasant. Her mother passed away during her childhood, and her father remarried a woman named Kaya, who had her own daughter.

While Kaya inherited the family’s special powers, Miyo didn’t inherit any. This has led to her father treating her as a servant and showing her little affection. Miyo has grown up in the shadow of her gifted stepsister, enduring insults and mistreatment without protest. Even her stepmother holds her in contempt.

As the story unfolds, readers become immersed in Miyo’s struggles, her relationships, and the intricate dynamics within her family. The narrative explores themes of power, identity, and the complexities of relationships.

Fans of romance, fantasy, and character-driven stories have found “My Happy Marriage” to be a captivating read, and the subsequent adaptations have extended the enjoyment of the story to a wider audience through various mediums.

My Happy Marriage Chapter 28 Spoilers

Miyo flees without knowing Kiyoka’s whereabouts and confides in Arata. Shin speculates that Kiyoka might be at either the Hisado family’s main house or their former residence. As they drive home in their new car, Miyo prays for Kiyoka’s safety. Talking to Arata, Miyo receives encouragement to control her magical powers responsibly. She appreciates Arata’s support and is relieved to be back home.

Upon entering the house, Miyo overhears a heated argument. Godo, who works for Kiyoka, restrains Kazushi Tatsuishi, angered at Tatsunishi. Although both Miyo and Godo are furious, Tatsunishi goes unpunished for his family’s actions. Feeling despondent, Miyo leaves the house and heads to Kiyoka’s room, only to find Kiyoka lifeless. However, Miyo detects a faint pulse in Kiyoka’s wrist, indicating she is still alive.

Miyo’s cousin, Arata, arrives to protect her and vouches for her innocence to the Hisado family. Yurie, concerned about Hazuki’s seemingly content demeanor, voices her thoughts. Miyo assures Yurie that Arata is on their side. Arata proposes a method to awaken Kiyoka, gaining Gudo’s approval despite his absence from the living room.

Facing a crucial decision, Miyo chooses to employ her magical power to save her husband, Kiyoka. Hazuki expresses her worry for Miyo, advising her to be cautious, and encourages Miyo to hold Kiyoka’s hand. As Miyo’s consciousness wanes, a voice instructs her to locate Kiyoka’s soul and enter his body. The rapid turn of events leaves Miyo bewildered, but she senses someone approaching.

Kiyoka, a psychic, is recruited by the anti-foreign special company for a control mission. Initially partnered with Godo, Kiyoka confronts vengeful spirits that prove challenging for even skilled psychics. Stepping in, Kiyoka dispels the malevolent entities around her. Yet, just before using her magical ability, she is touched by a vengeful spirit, engulfing her with anger.

Upon hearing Miyo’s words, Kiyoka’s anger subsides, and she implores Miyo to cease the fight. The physical touch and embrace comfort Kiyoka. Kiyoka queries Miyo about returning to the real world. Miyo stands by Kiyoka’s side, urging her to take her hand.

Kiyoka is stunned to learn that Miyo became a psychic due to her influence. They stroll together on a quiet night street, and Miyo feels safer with Kiyoka by her side. Miyo expresses remorse for not comprehending their methods, but Kiyoka reassures her that she didn’t miss anything crucial. The desire to be together is mutual, and Kiyoka decides to return without needing further persuasion. Their emotions overflow, and as Kiyoka contemplates fetching her from the Usuba family, Miyo laughs at Kiyoka’s unexpected side. Holding each other tightly, they navigate the darkness together.

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