Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116: Spoiler, Recap, Review dan Release Date

The eagerly awaited Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116 is on the horizon. In the previous chapter, Machedroth handed over the rupture key to Jinhyuk, a crucial element needed to break the contract with the demon.

The narrative shifts as Rick Hennessy approaches Jinhyuk within the great magic library, leaving readers intrigued about their forthcoming interaction in Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116. Jinhyuk requests Melina’s patience as he seeks answers from her.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116 Spoiler and Predictions

Jinhyuk is aware that Melina and her companions detected a double impact during their invasion of a different floor. However, he’s curious about the reason behind Melina’s intense interest in investigating this phenomenon. She finally discloses that she’s delving into the double impact due to orders from the higher-ups, promising the possibility of encountering someone special.

Jinhyuk is taken aback by the serendipitous encounter with this “special someone,” despite his prior preparations. Machedroth’s anger is palpable, as he blames Jinhyuk for disrupting their plans.

Wondering about Alice’s resilience within his mind realm, Machedroth acknowledges the presence of someone diligently safeguarding her, though he’s uncertain of their identity. He appreciates these efforts but remains oblivious to the protector’s identity. Readers are eager to learn the release date of Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116 and where they can access the raw version online.

Machedroth taunts Alice, disregarding her fate. Jinhyuk’s attempt at an attack falters due to the vast level difference between him and his opponent. Striving for valuable information, Jinhyuk activates his luck, revealing only a single piece of information due to the opponent’s higher level.

Jinhyuk confronts Machedroth, using his real name and managing to break free from the mind realm, shocking Machedroth in the process. Puzzled, Machedroth queries how Jinhyuk discovered his true name, suspecting Alice’s influence.

With his teammates immobilized, Jinhyuk realizes his odds in a direct confrontation with Machedroth are nearly nonexistent. Thus, he employs an unconventional approach, revealing his affiliation as the dark disciple of Variel, a demon king from the realm.

Initially skeptical, Machedroth is eventually convinced by Jinhyuk’s explanation of the Demonic Human Association and his desire to serve another demon king. As they engage, Machedroth tests Jinhyuk’s worth by activating a black bullet, evaluating his true potential.

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