Jaguar Creates Original Social Media Artwork Using Artificial Intelligence

Jaguar’s [un]reality social media exhibition, which turns text into an image using a sophisticated artificial intelligence system, marks the company’s entry into the art world.

Modern artificial intelligence system DALLE generates lifelike pictures and artwork from text descriptions. The British automaker claims that as part of its Reimagine revamp, which will transform it into an all-electric modern luxury brand starting in 2025, it is becoming a pioneer of next-generation technologies.

According to a news statement from Jaguar Land Rover, chief creative officer Gerry McGovern, “AI reflects the bold and intriguing self-expression distinctive to Jaguar.” “It felt right to dedicate our primary social platforms to this distinctive creative form as one of the first businesses to actively leverage this technology. “[Un]reality” provides a peek of our aspirations for the brand and is innovative and brave. a

Unique artworks were produced by Jaguar using the DALLE system and published on its social media channels. When converting words into images, the sophisticated system is capable of processing up to 12 billion parameters. Starting on November 16, photos created for the collection will be posted to Instagram and Twitter. Each of the six distinct stories in the anthology has three separate pieces of art that are tied together. The first, titled “Revisions,” portrays a 1950s Queer wedding.

“Jaguar was designed to be a unique original. Blane Chapman, global head of social at Jaguar Land Rover, said, “We welcome new technologies as instruments for realizing and expanding this creative dedication to distinctiveness and self-expression. “A better place to start is via social media, the brand’s window. The most recent and, probably, most audacious yet, expression of Jaguar’s free-spirited and creative future is “[un]reality.”