New Update Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73 – Release Date & Plot RAW Eng

Fans have been waiting more than four months to find out when Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73 will be released. The next chapter, however, won’t be back this week, that much is certain. This is due to the fact that the manhwa’s studio has disclosed a significant piece of information. Did it reveal Chung’s fate? In addition, some characters will discover a new planet while others will bid their characters farewell. Here is all the information you require.

In the upcoming plot, Wi Sohaeng will finally meet Chung and ponder how the young man was able to overcome the Southern Edge Sect. But Wi will set aside his reservations and share his experience. Chung will consult with his sect leader about the circumstances and get ready to defend Wi’s sect.
Chapter 73 of The Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Fans have been anxiously awaiting news of Return Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73 ever since Studio Lico, the manhwa’s publisher, released the previous chapter, which was number 72. It will take a little longer for devoted readers to learn about Chung’s next trip. This is due to Studio Lico’s August 2022 announcement that the manhwa is on an indefinite hiatus.

The design team needs some time to complete the final finished design as they are now working on mapping the additional chapters. The storyboard and costume design for the characters were also priorities for the company. The Southern Edge Sect and Chung’s epic struggle were devised by the manhwa’s staff, who were presented to the readers in an epilogue.

Release Date for Return of the Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73

It seems obvious that Resume Of The Mount Hua Sect Chapter 73 won’t return this week because the studio announced they are taking a break. However, the duration of this gap in their notice has not yet been disclosed by the studio. So it’s difficult to predict when the 73rd chapter will be released again. However, we anticipate that it might appear on Naver Webtoon and Kakao sites later this year. Keep checking The Anime Daily for more news like this; we’ll be updating this section soon.