All-New 2023 Lexus RX – Design Spesification Engine and Performances

Design, engine, and performance specifications for the all-new Lexus RX from 2023

We’ve driven Lexus’ brand-new RX SUV since its launch. The V6 engine from earlier RX models has been replaced by a turbocharged, hybridized four-cylinder engine. Even though it might sound like a possible letdown, the new 2023 Lexus RX has really impressed us.

We surveyed your questions before reserving a spot in the most recent RX model. Here is a more in-depth look at all the details that you requested but that we were unable to cover in the evaluation.

It’s fine, but we’ve driven a lot of automobiles that perform this function better. The RX will keep you in the middle of the lane, but during our time with it, it tended to stray from the path a little bit more frequently than we would have liked. It’s also important to note that it didn’t feel in any way unsafe or harmful.

Compared to earlier, it is smoother and sharper. Depending on which trim one is in, the engine’s response varies. For instance, the 350h lacks a lot of snap. The RX500h, on the other hand, accelerates very quickly for a hybrid crossover of this kind.

There are 64 different ambient light hues, according to Lexus. There are 64 colors total, and 14 different themes combine some of them to “fit a driver’s attitude and vitality.” When one of those themes is chosen, colors immediately shift.

Remember that performance is never the main priority because this is ultimately a Lexus RX. Sure, the 500h can deliver 366 hp (272 kW) to the driver, but comfort, luxury, and fuel efficiency still rank higher.