Read Online Eleceed Chapter 215: Jiwoo Coming Home – Eleceed 216 Spoiler, Release Date ENG

FFH – Read Online Eleceed Chapter 215: Jiwoo Coming Home – Eleceed 216 Spoiler, Release Date ENG.

Fans might not find Eleceed Chapter 215 to be all that new. There is a chance that the manhwa will talk about Kayden Break in a serious way. The last chapter talked about what happened after Andrei and Kayden fought. The head of the Academy thanked Kayden and praised him in front of everyone for being strong.

There could be a lot of new information in the next chapter. But it turned out that Kartein didn’t know Jeo Siwoo at all. Also, it looks like Kayden will step up his disciple’s training to help him do well in the awakening department.

Since Siwoo showed himself to Kayden, many people from the Frame and other groups will be after him. Read the article below to find out more about the next chapter of the manhwa!

The Eleceed Chapter 215 might explain why Kartein is worried. Kartein said in the last chapter that Kayden has some problems on the inside.

So, he is still in the process of getting better. But that war-monger went all out with Andrei, as if he were going to kill himself. Even Kayden’s hands were shaking because of how much power was being used.

If Kayden has to deal with it for a long time, it could be a big problem. Also, Jiwoo will train harder with Kayden because criminal groups from all over the world are after him. Also, the fact that Kayden cares so much about Jiwoo could be because he has a secret. But the manhwa is not yet ready to show anything.

Chapter 215 of Eleceed will come out on October 14, 2022. In the next chapter of the manhwa, there are going to be some big surprises for the fans. On the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage, you will be able to read the next chapters of the manhwa.