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Jake Kim grows more eager to find Jinyeong Park as the manhwa unfolds. It won’t be simple for him to back down now that he has pushed the mob boss. With its underworld plot and desire for vengeance, the narrative has managed to keep its audience interested. Currently, it is unknown how Jake and Jinyeong would initially interact in Lookism Chapter 417. However, it is evident that both of them desire to eliminate their adversary, and given Jinyeong’s combat prowess, it appears that Jake should be ready for when that time comes. Read on to learn more.

Jake will schedule a meeting to discuss the issue with his group in the 417th chapter. They’ll lament their demise. Jake, however, is curious to find out who killed his stepbrother and father. He’ll ask Luah for assistance. Can she, however, handle the situation? It’s still not obvious.

What Will Happen Next in Lookism Chapter 417?

The difficulties Jake Kim is facing are covered in the next chapter. Gapryong Kim, the pre-boss, generation’s was slain by Jinyeong Park and Elite. Gapryong wasn’t an easy opponent for them to take down, and now that they’ve slain him, the mafia community is abuzz. Jake should not underestimate them because it demonstrates their strength. Only Jake is still in charge of the pre-generation.

Jake will schedule a meeting to inform everyone about Jinyeong and Elite first, though. The pair’s action will draw everyone together and leave its mark. They intend to exact retribution by obliterating Jinyeong and Elite. Jake will advise them to hold off on making a decision until the perfect time, though. Jinyeong will devise a strategy to eliminate the pre-generation boss in the meantime. Jake will be challenged to a duel by him. But it’s still unknown who will prevail in the game.

When the previous chapter first began, Jake Kim was having problems defeating his adversary. He tasked Luah Lim with looking into the subject from the first and prior generations. Luah had excellent investigative skills, so Jake thought she could be a big help. They could now unwind knowing that the outcome of her research will be revealed soon. He was still astonished, though, when one of his employees brought up Luah’s report.

The first generation and the pre-generation were not adequately described by Luah. She merely learned of the pre-current generation’s state of affairs. Since Boss Gapryong Kim had passed away, Tom Lee was now in charge of the White Tiger Job Center. The whereabouts of Elite and Jinyeong Park remained a mystery. The news that Baekho Kwon had also passed away startled Jake. The only person remaining to handle the problem was Jake.

It will center on Jake’s next action and how Luah may assist. She is the only one with the knowledge of Jake’s father and stepbrother’s passing. On September 4, 2022, Lookism Chapter 412 will be published online. You may read it on the official Webtoon, Naver, and Kakao pages. Remain tuned. You’ll receive updates from The Anime Daily.

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More Regarding Lookism

Park Tae-Lookism webtoon’s Joon’s is a popular webcomic in South Korea. Since November 2014, it has shown each week on Naver WEBTOON. High school students can flip between two physical appearances: one that is overweight and unattractive and the other that is slender and beautiful.

Due to his weight, looks, and overall conduct, Park Hyung Suk is an outcast in his high school. Because he is daily humiliated and bullied by a child, he verbally attacks his mother repeatedly and finally requests a transfer to a new school. He goes on his own to Seoul in the hopes of starting over at a new high school and escaping his current circumstances.

However, a few nights before school, he turns into a tall, strong, and wonderfully handsome guy. When one body is in use, the other body falls asleep, but he may awaken it to swap between them.

He spends the day in his gorgeous body and the night in his original shape every day. Daniel eventually realizes the extent to which the world discriminates against those who are ugly or unique. As a result, the book’s title is “Lookism.”

In his original body, he experiences discrimination and hostility, yet in his second body, he experiences warmth and favoritism. With his new physique, he experiences a variety of activities, from working for an entertainment company to modeling for merchandise. The wonderful dream fades into the harsh reality of life as we know it when Daniel awakens in his natural body. The Lookism manga chapter 412 is available on Webtoon.