One Piece Chapter 1054 Raws Scans, Prediction, Spoiler and Release Date

Everyone thought it was time to celebrate, but the Wano government made sure that didn’t happen. Instead of praising Luffy, Kid, and Law for beating Kaido and Big Mom, they called them bounties. Fans were shocked by it. Still, there is good news. One Piece Chapter 1054 raw scans are out, and fans are excited to see what happens next. So, without further ado, here are all the details about the next chapter.

They will now have to deal with Admiral Ryokugyu. There will be another big fight, and everyone will try to help the Straw Hat. While someone talks about the past, Yamato and Momonosuke will join this fight. Read on to find out more.

What Will Happen Next in One Piece Chapter 1054?

At the start of the 1054th chapter, Akazaya Nine fights Ryokugyu and stops him from getting to the Straw Hats. Later, the two groups talked a bit outside of the Flower Capital and then started fighting. Ryokugyu, on the other hand, will be the one to charge his attack first. He will use his Forest-Forest Fruit Logia card. The Admiral then uses his power to make trees that look like fists and sends them at Akazaya. Denjiro and the others will try to stay where they are. But Yamato, who hits Ryokugyu in the head before joining his troop, will help them.

Momonosuke later joins the fight and defeats the Admiral. But he quickly takes care of a Shogun in Dragon form. Soon, One Piece Chapter 1054 will be about where the Red Hair Pirates were sailing, which was outside of Wano. Lucky Roux, Benn Beckman, and Yasopp are about to show up. Shanks will be glad to see the wanted poster for Luffy. Before Shanks and Luffy’s relationship plays out, the crew will soon find the Gum-Gum Fruit and head to the Windmill Village. Elsewhere, Sabo kills Cobra Nefertari. Later, he and the Revolutionary Army will fight with Fujitora and Ryokugyu to save Kuma.


In the chapter 1053, the Wano government put out pictures of Luffy, Kid, and Law that had not been approved. But one of the Five Elders quickly told to stop and print it again. When the new list of bounties came out, everyone was surprised to see Luffy’s name on it. But they thought CPo’ Guernica did it, so they asked that the printing stop. It wasn’t a big surprise when the president of the World Economy Newspaper decided to let the government handle the situation.

In the Flower Capital, everyone was getting ready for the big feast. Only Jimbei, Hiyori, and Brook could do it, which was too bad. Both Brook and Hiyori sang songs. Later that day, Tenguyama talked about the dolls with Robin in the basement. He told her that he was Oden’s father, Kozuki Sukiyaki. Momonosuke, on the other hand, didn’t know that his father was still alive. After a while, he told them that Pluton, the Ancient Weapon, was still in Wano.

One Piece 1054 Release Date

There are only two more days until we can move on to the next chapter. On July 24, 2022, One Piece Chapter 1054 will be available on the official pages of Viz Media and Manga Plus. In the next chapter, everyone will help the Straw Hats deal with the Admiral in some way. Keep watching. The Anime Daily will let you know what’s going on.