iPhone 15: It might… charge your old iPhone

After nearly a decade, USB-C has finally arrived on the iPhone with the release of the iPhone 15. The new USB-C charging port replaces Apple’s exclusive Lightning port across the entire iPhone 15 lineup.

Now, you can use one charging cable to charge an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and the new AirPods Pro.

Additionally, you can use your iPhone to charge an Apple Watch or other small devices that support USB Power Delivery up to 4.5 watts.

When you connect an iPhone 15 to another iPhone 15, the two devices communicate, determine which iPhone has the lower battery, and transfer power accordingly. So, if you have a low battery and a friend with an iPhone 15 has a full battery, you can connect your iPhone to your friend’s and charge your own device.

Unfortunately, when charging another device with an iPhone 15, the charging is limited to 4.5 watts. This is suitable for small devices like the Apple Watch but won’t provide fast charging for another iPhone, such as the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. So, expect slower charging speeds when using the iPhone-to-iPhone charging feature.

To charge other devices:

  1. If you have another device with a USB-C port, simply connect it to your iPhone using a USB-C cable, like the one included with your iPhone.
  2. To charge a device with a Lightning port, connect it to your iPhone using an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable.
  3. Charge your Apple Watch by attaching a magnetic fast charger for Apple Watch to a USB-C cable directly connected to your iPhone. You can also connect a magnetic charging cable to your iPhone using the Apple USB-C to USB Adapter.

This move to USB-C brings greater versatility and compatibility across Apple’s device ecosystem, making it easier to charge and connect various Apple devices with a single cable.

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