The Rock” Dwayne Johnson says “there are no downsides to being famous” and explains

Dwayne Johnson hasn’t forgotten his past. The actor posted a video on Instagram responding to a fan who asked him about the benefits and disadvantages of fame. Johnson said in the video, which he filmed in a gym, “For me, there are no disadvantages to fame. I’m lucky that I’ve been famous for a long time, and I realize there are no disadvantages to fame because I remember what it was like before.”

He added, “Back in the day, the alternative to fame was not being famous, and I couldn’t pay my rent, I struggled to figure out who I was… I try to remember all those things.”

Johnson also said that he always keeps in mind the possibility of no longer being famous, which keeps him vigilant. He mentioned that he misses going to the mall, stores, and running errands without being recognized, but now it’s a challenge because of the attention he receives, often requiring security to accompany him.

Ultimately, being recognized is not a “disadvantage” for Johnson, as he believes it’s part of what he has become, a public figure. He also mentioned the positive aspects of fame, such as the ability to make a positive impact on the world.

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