Tesla will triple the number of employees at its Texas factory, reaching 60,000

The head of production at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory in the USA, Jason Shawhan, has reported that the current number of employees at the Austin facility is 20,000. This already positions Tesla as the second-largest employer in the region. However, the American company plans to triple its workforce at the factory when production of the Cybertruck reaches normal rates, sometime within the next year.

This means that Tesla’s goal is to employ up to 60,000 people at the Texas Gigafactory, making the company the largest employer in the state. In addition to the Cybertruck, Tesla also manufactures the Model Y at this facility. Beyond vehicles, the company produces batteries, electric motors, presses, and many other components as part of its shift towards more vertically integrated production, reducing its dependence on third-party suppliers.

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