Jaguar adopts Tesla’s charging standard

Jaguar has announced that it has signed an agreement with Tesla to gain access to the Supercharger network in the United States, Canada, and Mexico markets.

Additionally, the British company revealed that its new electric models, set to be released in 2025, will incorporate the charging port developed by Tesla in North America (NACS). In other words, Jaguar’s new models will be able to charge at Tesla stations without the need for an adapter.

Jaguar adds that the adoption of NACS will be comprehensive, including vehicles, home charging units, and adapters for older models.

The company also reiterates that as part of the Reimagine strategy by Jaguar Land Rover, Jaguar will become a fully electric luxury brand, and the agreement with Tesla is part of the strategy to create a global electric vehicle ecosystem.

In closing, it’s only a matter of time before we hear that Land Rover will also utilize the NACS charging port.

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