One Piece Episode 1025 Release Date and Time: Chopper vs Queen
One Piece Episode 1025 Release Date and Time: Chopper vs Queen

One Piece Episode 1025 Release Date and Time: Chopper vs Queen

Queen seems to lose in One Piece Episode 1025. Fans have witnessed Queen win the game thus far by infecting everyone with his terrible virus. It left everyone’s future uncertain. It became increasingly difficult for the heroes to deal with this new dilemma as tensions slowly rose. But there is no need for concern. This is because Chopper has discovered the antidote to this infection.

Chopper will confront the Queen in the next episode. It will be exciting to witness Chopper deliver his most powerful and devastating blow to Queen’s face. The heroes will engage in combat with the Yonko. However, it will be difficult and interesting to observe how far they go to preserve their people. Continue reading to learn more.

What will occur next in One Piece Episode 1025?

This week’s episode will concentrate more on the Land of Wano and how its inhabitants deal with their circumstances. In the meantime, Chopper will continue to fight Queen, and everyone on the Live Floor has been cured. Chopper will deliver his most lethal blow to Queen, and it appears that Queen will lose the duel. As for the members of Akazaya, they will strive against Kanjuro. This is because Kanjuro controls the imagery of Oden.

The exploding Oden will eventually be revealed to be Kanjuro’s painting. Now there is insufficient time for the samurai to deal with it. However, do not forget that the most crucial battle is approaching. The Worst Generation will engage the Yonko in combat. In One Piece Episode 1025, Luffy and his allies will battle Kadio and Big Mom. Yonko and the Worst Generation will engage in a difficult war, and it remains to be seen who will emerge victorious.

Recap Previous Episode One Piece

Previously, in One Piece Episode 1024, Chopper discovered the antidote for the Queen’s Ice Oni virus and produced a dose for all those infected. During this time, Yakuza and others fought for their lives. People were attempting to prevent themselves from transforming into ravenous beasts. As for Queen and King, they prevailed over Marco, leaving him to cope with his henchmen. Meanwhile, everyone on the Live Floor was ready to die, but Yakuza and Hyogoro had decided to sacrifice themselves to save the lives of others.

Thankfully, Chopper came just in time to save everyone from the Ice Oni virus. However, that angered Queen, so she determined to kill him. But his own ally prevented him from killing Chopper. He was infuriated by Queen’s reckless use of the deadly virus, and as everyone encouraged him to attack her, he punched Queen in the face. Shinobu and Yamato were also attempting to protect Momonosuke. But unfortunately, Bao Huang informed Kaido’s forces of the location of Yamato and Shinobu. Both beat Kaido’s soldiers. However, Momonosuke was unhappy because he viewed him as a liability.

One Piece Episode 1025 Release Date

On July 17, 2022, at 11 a.m., One Piece Episode 1025, titled “Supernova Trio Against the Two Yonko,” will air. The 1025th episode is available on Crunchyroll. It will ultimately unveil Kaido’s plot and the extent of his determination to destroy the Flower Capital. Stay updated. The Anime Daily keeps you current.