The legendary Honda Motocompo is coming back as the electric model ‘Moto Compact’!

The legendary 1980s bike “Motocompo” is making a comeback as an electric version. The new Motocompo has a top speed of 15 mph (approximately 24 km/h), making it potentially eligible for the category of specific small-sized mopeds in Japan.

Motocompo was a folding scooter designed to fit perfectly in the trunk of the first-generation Honda City. It was known for its unique proposition of using a car for long-distance travel, such as on highways, and then using the Motocompo for short-distance travel at the destination. However, it was not a commercial success and was discontinued after a single generation.

The new “Motocompact,” which has already been generating buzz, is set to be launched in the North American market for $995, which is less than 150,000 yen when converted. It carries forward the design tradition of the Motocompo. If it is released in Japan at a similar price point with safety features for road use, it may become very popular.

The Motocompact has a compact size when folded, making it easy to fit in the trunk of a car. It can be charged using a 110V outlet and has a maximum range of 12 miles (approximately 19 km). With a top speed of 15 mph (approximately 24 km/h), it could potentially comply with Japan’s regulations for specific small-sized mopeds.

The introduction of this new Motocompact represents the birth of a new two-wheeled mobility option, and its release in Japan is eagerly anticipated.

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