With which hand should I open the car door – The mistake that can be costly

As it is known, most traffic accidents occur when vehicles are in motion and are the result of incorrect actions behind the wheel or road violations.

However, there are some cases where the cause of an unfortunate road incident can be a wrong action by the driver of a passenger car when it is parked.

Specifically, many drivers, as soon as they immobilize their car, have the habit of opening the door – for their exit from the vehicle – with their left hand.

By using their left hand to pull the door handle and push the door open, they create the conditions for an unpleasant road event.

This is because by making the above movement, it is impossible to turn their body to the left and therefore their gaze to the back, and thus it is almost impossible to check with due attention whether a bicycle, a motorcycle, or another car is approaching from behind.

Therefore, there is a risk of a collision with the passing vehicle either with the open door or with the driver who is exiting the vehicle at that time – in the wrong way – from their car.

On the other hand, by opening the door with our right hand, our body is forced to turn to the left, and therefore our gaze turns to the rear, effectively checking if a two-wheeler or another car is approaching.

Accidents caused by the wrong way of opening the door had been a scourge in the Netherlands in the past, where bicycles flooded the streets, exceeding in number the residents.

The outbreak of the phenomenon mobilized the competent authorities, which made coordinated efforts to end the cause of serious injuries.

The Dutch Reach project is referred to as a program that informs drivers about the correct way to open the car door in order to avoid injuries or accidents with bicycles and other vehicles passing by.

It is important to adhere to safe driving rules and take all necessary measures to reduce accidents and injuries on the road. This includes the correct use of car doors and attention to the surrounding environment when drivers and passengers exit their vehicles.

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