The SUV that transforms into a pick-up

Changan, one of China’s major automakers, has chosen the Qiyuan brand to unveil the CD701 concept vehicle, a unique mix of an SUV and a pickup truck. This vehicle is expected to be released in the domestic market as the E0 in 2024.


The Qiyuan CD701, built on a specific SDA platform for electric vehicles, has a distinct low and sleek SUV appearance. What sets it apart is its versatility, being a blend of an SUV and a pickup truck. It features a rear glass panel that can open up, transforming the vehicle into a pickup truck with a rear platform capable of carrying long and bulky items. Furthermore, Changan has showcased a range of camping accessories that utilize this rear platform, effectively turning it into an integral part of a tent.


The Qiyuan CD701 boasts a distinctive design, with a front end featuring C-shaped LED daytime running lights that integrate with slim headlights. However, the most prominent design elements are the robust and square-shaped fender flares. The rear of the vehicle features a double semicircular LED light bar that stretches across the entire width. Similar to the front, the rear also includes a display providing battery information.


Inside the Qiyuan CD701, you’ll find modern and bright interiors, thanks to the large glass roof. The interior design is contemporary, featuring a large central display for multimedia system control, a digital instrument panel, and a head-up display.

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