The innovations of the new MINI Countryman

With wider wheel arches, charismatic character, and modern minimalist design featuring clean surfaces, the car now makes its presence even more noticeable. Inside, the robust and adventurous MINI model offers even more space, comfort, and safety, even off-road thanks to the all-wheel drive.

The new MINI Experience Modes and most of the driving assistance systems, including the MINI Intelligent Personal Assistant controlled by voice commands, make getaways with the new MINI Countryman even more comfortable and enjoyable. This is also facilitated by the purely electric drive system.

With this, which is the biggest innovation introduced by the new generation of the model, the fun driving experience that is a hallmark of the brand is further enhanced, with two power levels. As it is the first MINI produced in Germany, the model is also opening up new avenues in terms of production and innovation.

With a length of 4,433 mm, a width of 1,843 mm, and a height of 1,656 mm, the MINI Countryman is both a stylish all-rounder and your everyday companion, offering ample space. The increase in the wheelbase to 2,692 mm contributes to further comfort. The purely electric MINI Countryman is available in two performance levels.

As the MINI Countryman E with 204 hp and 250 Nm of torque, it has a range of 462 kilometers. In the MINI Countryman SE ALL4 version with 313 hp and 494 Nm of torque, it offers a range of up to 433 kilometers on a single charge. In its third electric generation, the largest model in the new MINI family continues the brand’s journey into the era of zero-emission mobility.

The compact crossover model has been on a path to success since its introduction to the market in 2010, featuring five doors and, for the first time in a MINI model at the time, a length of over four meters. It’s no surprise that the optional all-wheel drive of this powerful adventure enthusiast ensures safe and unstoppable fun driving even off-road.

The design of the new generation of MINI models is innovative, combining future technology with the fundamental principles of body design and the brand’s heritage. This emphasizes the urban character of the entire MINI range, along with the absolute joy of innovation.

With its upright and minimalist silhouette, the new MINI Countryman embodies the adventurous spirit, flexibility, and reliability of a compact crossover. Its expressive off-road character is defined by the typical MINI proportions, ensuring high recognition for the new MINI Countryman. Furthermore, the improved aerodynamic design of the MINI Countryman contributes to improved efficiency.

The drag coefficient of 0.26 for the purely electric MINI Countryman is truly impressive (0.31 was the coefficient of the previous model). This means that the next-generation crossover model from MINI achieves optimal performance in this specific area compared to its competitors, adopting smart design with minimal footprint.

The dashboard of the new MINI Countryman on the driver’s side doesn’t require an additional screen: all the relevant content is projected onto the optional head-up display. This essential reduction improves forward visibility, shaping the spacious interior with cleverly designed, high-quality components.

Just like in the new MINI Cooper, the large curved dashboard in the Classic, Favoured, and JCW versions adopts fabric surfaces for the first time. Warm and pleasant materials create a new and familiar environment for the MINI Countryman, emphasizing the factor of well-being. A special weaving technique is used to create the practical and flexible structure of the two-tone fabric made from recycled polyester.

The entire interior is divided into an upper and a lower part along a horizontal line located below the new round instrument. Above this line, all design elements, such as the air vents and door handles, have a vertical orientation, emphasizing the character of the vehicle, both inside and out.

The clean shapes in the cockpit and the increased space in the front seats provide a modern, airy feel to the interior. The driver and front passenger enjoy significantly improved comfort in the new MINI Countryman, with almost three centimeters of additional width in the shoulder and elbow area. Optionally, the massage function (another innovation of the new generation of the model) can offer additional relaxation.

With the rear seat folded down, even bulky objects can be easily transported in the luggage compartment, which has a capacity ranging from 460 to 1,450 liters. An additional space in the floor provides convenient storage for the charging accessories of the all-electric MINI Countryman. The optional trailer hitch offers an additional practical advantage with its electric folding mechanism (towing up to 1,200 kilograms).

For the first time, the MINI Experience Modes capture the brand’s characteristic fun driving experience through digital and visual means. A press of the “Experiences” button activates different modes. The GO-KART Mode, inspired by racing, highlights the MINI Countryman’s flexibility by adjusting the suspension and giving the driving experience a particularly emotional touch.

In this mode, the unit behind the central OLED screen also illuminates the entire interior with John Cooper Works-inspired red shades. The gas pedal response is optimized for sporty driving, and a go-kart sound is generated for a highly spirited driving experience.

This sound features strong variations in tone and intensity, providing the suitable acoustic background for dynamic driving. Additionally, the fun driving experience can be enhanced by adjusting the steering behavior and specially tuned intervention limits for the traction control system.

Another aspect of MINI’s fun driving experience is emphasized by the Green Mode. This optimizes the efficiency of the drive system by adjusting the gas pedal response for energy savings and regulating the electric motor’s operation for maximum range based on various parameters.

Improved energy recuperation management in the new MINI Countryman is one of the factors contributing to this by feeding excess energy back into the battery during braking or coasting, thereby increasing the vehicle’s range. The visualization of the driver’s individual driving style allows them to see how it affects the vehicle’s range.

An optional Harman Kardon Surround sound system is available for the new MINI Countryman, offering choices at an acoustic level for either an intense or relaxed atmosphere with entirely new driving sounds. The repertoire includes unmistakable sounds as part of the MINI identity, as well as jingles for the new MINI Experience Modes, along with 30 new sound signals for information functions and warnings.

These so-called earcons serve a similar purpose to icons as they function as clearly defined symbols for specific events or information. About 30 of these sound signals are new, ranging from the acoustic accompaniment for turn signals and the seatbelt warning system to the sounds of the Park Distance Control (PDC) system.

Thus, a kind of identity is created for MINI even at the acoustic level. The MINI Countryman battery can be charged with alternating current at 22 kW. Fast charging with direct current is also possible for both all-electric models with 130 kW. This means that at a fast charging station, less than 30 minutes are sufficient to charge the battery from 10% to 80%.

With the MINI App, the customer has an overview of the charging process, even from a distance. The app provides details on the current battery status, an optimized charging route plan, as well as a history of charging sessions, including all expenses and savings achieved.

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