What’s new in the new Mercedes E-Class?

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class features the proportions of a classic three-box sedan, with a short front end, a long engine hood, and a passenger cabin set towards the rear, following the classic sedan design. This “cab backward” design is harmoniously complemented by the ideal proportions of the rear end. A black, glossy panel visually connects the front grille to the headlights, resembling the models from Mercedes-Benz’s EQ family. Depending on the equipment version, the three-dimensional panel in front of the engine grille has a modern or classic design.

The new E-Class comes with LED High-Performance headlights as standard, while the optional DIGITAL LIGHT system is also available. All versions of the headlights feature distinctive designs, both during the day and at night, with the daytime running lights having a brow-like shape, a typical feature of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The harmonious proportions and the “cab-backward” design are emphasized from the side, resulting in an impressive overall appearance.

The flat door handles, known from luxury Mercedes-Benz models, are available as an option. Two distinct character lines on the sides accentuate the sporty character of the car. At the rear, the two-section LED taillights stand out with a new outline and special design, creating a unique look both day and night, with star patterns in both light units.

Inside the vehicle, the dashboard represents the epitome of digital experience. If the E-Class is equipped with the optional front passenger display, the large glass surface of the MBUX Superscreen extends to the central screen. Visually separated from this is the high-resolution driver’s display located within the driver’s field of vision.

The basic icons on the central and optional passenger displays are now simpler and color-coded to match smartphone icons. A notable innovation is the architecture of the electronics, which relies more on software. The computing functions that were previously performed separately are now handled by a single integrated computer, improving performance and data flow speed.

One of the highlights of the new E-Class is the integrated AIRMATIC air suspension system with continuously adjustable ADS+ damping and rear-axle steering. The AIRMATIC suspension with air springs and adaptive dampers (ADS+) responds sensitively and promptly to current conditions. The flexibility of the new E-Class is significantly increased, thanks to the optional rear-axle steering system. The rear wheels can turn up to 4.5 degrees, reducing the turning circle by 90 centimeters.

Furthermore, about half of the versions of the new model will be fourth-generation plug-in hybrids, providing an intelligent boost from an integrated starter-generator (ISG). These models incorporate mild hybrid technology.

In summary, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class combines a classic sedan design with modern features, advanced technology, and various options for customization and comfort.

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