Production of the brand-new Fiat 600e has started

The production of the new Fiat 600e has started at the Fiat factory in Tychy, Poland. This factory is the second-largest of Fiat’s plants in Europe. It has been in operation since 1975 and has been fully modernized to meet current production needs. The factory is adapted to the Stellantis Production Way strategy, ensuring efficient operations, including quality and energy efficiency.

From the start of its operation until December 2022, the Tychy plant had produced an impressive 10.8 million vehicles.

It has produced models that have received recognition in the “European Car of the Year” awards, such as the Jeep Avenger in 2023, the FIAT 500 in 2008, and the FIAT Panda in 2004.

The new Fiat 600e combines elements from the B and B-SUV segments, aiming to provide a stylish, enjoyable, and safe driving experience. It is an ideal choice for urban enthusiasts, embodying the brand’s values of Italian style and sustainability.

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