Be careful if the green indicator on your mobile phone lights up

Modern technology undoubtedly offers numerous benefits, but it often brings along security issues as well.

Recently, a feature on Android smartphones has raised concerns among users. According to British media, a green “privacy indicator,” as it’s called, appearing in the top-right corner of the screen, may indicate that the phone’s microphones or camera are active.

While this may not necessarily be dangerous, it could signify that some application is trying to access your devices without your permission.

Why does this happen? Some apps request access to microphones, the camera, or even your location in order to function correctly. However, some other apps might exploit these permissions for malicious purposes.

Of course, changing app permissions is easy to do on Android (in settings). This way, users can control which apps have access to which of their phone’s devices. If the privacy indicator activates without an apparent reason, it’s a good idea to check the permissions of your apps and perform a security scan.

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