Dororo Webtoon Release Date and More Information

The Dororo Webtoon was introduced by Japanese e-comics distributors and a Korean comics publisher on Thursday. The creators want to release the webcomic simultaneously in Japan and South Korea. The webtoon will consist of a vertically scrollable webcomic. The production crew is also planning for the worldwide release after the local release. The narrative of Hyakkimaru and Dororo has returned in a new form to captivate the audience. Consult the article for additional information about the formal announcement. But first, check the information on the original manga!

Hands were used by Osamu Tezuka to construct the universe of Dororo. The manga was serialized in one of Shogakukan’s magazines. The initial run lasted from August 1967 till 1969. In 1969, it also moved the magazine’s publishing distributor to Akita Shoten. Below is further information regarding the announcement.

Official Announcement for Dororo Webtoon

Media Do, Copin Communications, and Tezuka Production announced the production of the Dororo Webtoon in concert. The document was a press release. In conjunction with the formal announcement, creators also unveiled a significant graphic. The producers has confirmed that the webcomic will be released this year. Due to this merger, webtoon fans are eagerly anticipating the new webtoon.

The Japanese studios have engaged a Korean author to pen the webtoon’s screenplay. Lee Do Kyung is the author’s name. The creators want to release the webcomic once every week. Read on to discover the plot summary for the webcomic!

What is the summary of the webcomic?

The webcomic’s narrative stretches from medieval times to the present day. A Samurai general offers 48 body parts of his kid to demons. In exchange for the sacrifice, the devils will abandon their realm. However, after a while they return and destroy everything. A sage raised the youngster who was sacrificed and fitted him with prosthesis. When Hyakkimaru matures, he obtains his body part by killing a devil.

Consequently, he embarks on a mission with Dororo to destroy the demons. This quest aids him in recovering his missing bodily parts. This time, though, Yokai has assumed the role of the devil. Check the text ahead for the publication date of the forthcoming webcomic!
Dororo webcomic.

The creators of Dororo Webtoon have revealed that it will debut in December 2022. They want to release 15 chapters first. After then, further chapters will be forthcoming. We will ensure that this area is updated as soon as further information becomes available. Therefore, frequent The Anime Daily to stay current with the anime world!