Alfa Romeo is preparing a new supercar for 2026

Last month, Alfa Romeo revealed the modern version of the 33 Stradale, with the Italian company not stopping there. It has been announced that in 2026, a new supercar will be introduced by the Milanese brand. The development of this car will begin soon, with production being limited. This model will be part of Alfa Romeo’s “new era” program and the new special division called Bottega.

Similar to the 33 Stradale, the new model will have design elements that pay tribute to Alfa Romeo’s rich heritage. The company is asking its loyal customers which classic Alfa Romeo car they would like to see revived, and the decision will be made through a vote.

Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, the head of Alfa Romeo’s design department, stated:

“The first car proved to be a good exercise for us Alfisti, but also for our customers. We told them that they might be our customers for a second car. What would you like us to do?”

One Alfa Romeo model that holds several possibilities for a modern interpretation is the 1963 Giulia TZ. This model has a distinctive rear end that played a significant role in its aerodynamics. Alfa Romeo has already stated that it will use the rear end of the Giulia TZ in its future models, with the upcoming small SUV being the first to adopt it.

Cristiano Fiorio, the head of strategic projects, added some additional information:

“There are examples of designs from the past that looked far ahead. Style doesn’t always have to be retro. If production goes above 50 cars at most, then you lose the real craftsmanship, and then it just becomes ordinary production. The main goal is to give a boost to our name.”

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