Opel Experimental: the new concept revealed that anticipates the future of the brand

Opel Experimental is the name of the new concept car from the German automaker that provides a glimpse into the future of the Opel brand under the Stellantis umbrella. The vehicle will be showcased live at this year’s IAA Mobility event in Munich, taking place from September 5th to 10th. Recently, Opel revealed the first images of the concept car.

As previously mentioned by Opel’s CEO, Florian Huettl, Opel Experimental offers insights into future technologies and the upcoming design language that will characterize the brand’s cars in the coming years. The absence of chrome, the addition of illuminated elements, and the presence of bold contrasting graphics are some of the distinctive design elements of this vehicle, making it one of the main attractions at this year’s IAA Mobility event.

In the front, the new and illuminated Opel Blitz (Opel’s lightning bolt emblem) proudly stands at the center. The sleek and fluid silhouette of Opel Experimental also reflects a highly efficient configuration. Opel Vizor 4D, which features various dimensions and incorporates technologies such as sensors, Lidar, radar, and camera systems, is also entirely new.

Massive three-spoke wheels with futuristic monoblock tires contribute to the proportions, giving the vehicle a more sleek and athletic appearance. The highlight of the Bold and Pure design language is the Opel Compass, created by thin horizontal daytime running lights and two vertical LED strips, all of which reference the recently updated Opel Blitz emblem, also illuminated.

Opel has not disclosed detailed specifications for the Opel Experimental but stated that it is based on an “advanced Stellantis BEV platform” and comes with “electric all-wheel drive.” We will have to wait until the Munich event to learn more about this model and its features.

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