Will the Apple iCar disrupt Tesla’s dominance?

Apple iCar could be the name of Cupertino’s multinational corporation’s first car. Apple has been working on this project for years, but it is still unclear when it will hit the market. It is expected to be a model that represents a revolution for the entire industry, as is customary for Apple, which tends to revolutionize everything whenever it introduces a new product to the market.

The Apple iCar is expected to be an electric vehicle with autonomous driving capabilities, featuring a modern and futuristic design. It’s known that this car will cost less than 100,000 euros and will not be equipped with Level 5 autonomous driving, as initially speculated. Its launch has been delayed, so we may have to wait until at least 2027 for its debut.

The interior of the iCar will be highly technological and will incorporate Apple’s advanced technologies. Even though its debut is still a long way off, there are ongoing renderings circulating on the web, attempting to imagine what the design might look like. The latest speculation comes from designer and digital creator Tedoradze Giorgi, who posted his personal interpretation of what the future Apple iCar could look like on his Instagram profile. Many believe that this vehicle could challenge Tesla’s dominance in the electric car segment.

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