Jeep Recon: almost 600 horsepower for the electric rival of Land Rover Defender

Jeep Recon is the name of the upcoming electric off-roader that Jeep intends to add to its lineup starting next year. We first saw teaser images of this model in 2022. It is a vehicle very similar to the Jeep Wrangler but will be positioned differently within Jeep’s lineup. Recon will be offered and positioned as a rugged version of the old Jeep off-roaders, with options including removable doors and an open-top design, much like the Wrangler.

In Jeep’s lineup, the Jeep Recon will sit alongside the Wrangler, as confirmed by Jeep’s European head, Antonella Bruno. However, the two vehicles will have slightly different sizes and positions within the lineup. Bruno mentioned that this vehicle will feature square shapes and truly unique capabilities. Compared to the Wrangler, it will be positioned in a lower segment of Jeep’s lineup. Jeep is placing strong emphasis on this model to increase its market share in Europe.

Jeep Recon will be one of the seven models that the American automaker plans to launch by 2025. This lineup also includes the Wagoneer S and another mysterious electric model about which little is currently known. In the coming years, we can also expect the new generations of the Renegade and Compass. Therefore, we will have to wait and see what other developments Jeep has in store for its future.

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