Mercedes: its future electric vehicles will have three-pointed star-shaped lights

Mercedes recently unveiled the Concept CLA at the Munich Motor Show, a concept car that previews the design and technology of its upcoming C-segment electric vehicles. The Concept CLA is an elegant and dynamic coupe sedan with distinctive elements, such as star-shaped LED lights and an illuminated front grille with animated graphics. The Concept is also a smart and connected car, offering advanced driver assistance and infotainment systems, including a digital dashboard, augmented reality head-up display, and a 15-inch MBUX multimedia system touchscreen.

Regarding the star-shaped LED lights, Mercedes’ Chief Design Officer, Gorden Wagener, confirmed in an interview with Autocar that all future electric vehicles from the German automaker will feature these lights, making it a key design element for the brand’s future cars. Wagener expressed his desire to create electric vehicles that are “iconic” and have a distinct identity, setting them apart from many current cars on the market that may lack a unique “soul.”

The Concept CLA is based on the new Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA), which will allow for the integration of both electric and combustion engines. It is equipped with a 200 kW (272 hp) electric motor and a 100 kWh battery, providing a range of over 750 km according to the WLTP cycle. This platform will be used for all future electric models from the German marque.

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