Tesla Model 2: the electric car for € 25,000 might have this design [RENDER]

Tesla is planning to launch a new electric vehicle in the B-segment by 2025, priced at around €25,000, positioning it as an affordable Tesla option. This vehicle is provisionally referred to as the Tesla Model 2 and will be designed and manufactured entirely in China, with plans to export it to Europe and the rest of the world.

Details about the Tesla Model 2 are still shrouded in mystery, but some designers and enthusiasts have attempted to imagine its appearance based on the limited available information and the styling of other Tesla models. One such rendering has been created by Mirko del Prete, offering a possible interpretation of this anticipated model.

In the render, the Tesla Model 2 appears as a compact car with a clean and linear design. It features a “closed” front end reminiscent of the Model 3’s nose but with sharper lines, more pronounced hood creases, and slimmer and lower headlights. There are also expanded L-shaped openings beneath the headlights. The car’s side profile, in terms of size and proportions, resembles the Peugeot 208 and includes narrow and aerodynamic side mirrors.

According to rumors, this vehicle will be the first to adopt a new production method that is expected to significantly reduce costs, allowing Tesla to offer the car at a highly competitive price point. The Model 2’s debut is anticipated to occur by the end of 2025. Further details about its market launch are yet to be revealed.

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