Tesla Cybertruck reservations exceed 2 million

Tesla’s Cybertruck is the electric car manufacturer’s new pickup truck, first unveiled in November 2019. The Cybertruck has generated a lot of interest and curiosity due to its futuristic design and technical features. Its price is expected to start at $39,900 for the base version and go up to $69,900 for the most powerful version. To reserve a Cybertruck, customers can make a refundable deposit of $100.

According to a count managed by the fan community, Tesla’s Cybertruck has reportedly received over two million reservations even before its official launch. This count is based on a combination of user-reported reservations, blocked reservation number sequences, and some statements from Elon Musk himself. Based on the number of reservations, the count also estimates a potential revenue of $152.13 billion and up to $201 million in deposits alone.

The most popular version is the dual-motor variant, accounting for approximately 48% of reservations, while the single-motor version is the least popular, representing only 8% of reservations. Approximately 67% of those who reserved the Cybertruck opted for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) option, allowing the vehicle to autonomously navigate in nearly all situations.

Production of the Cybertruck is expected to begin by the end of 2023 at the Giga Texas facility, Tesla’s second assembly plant in the United States. The electric pickup truck will use a massive 8,000-ton press to stamp its carbon-fiber chassis. Tesla has not officially commented on the number of reservations reported by fans but has stated its commitment to delivering an innovative and groundbreaking vehicle. Musk has described the Cybertruck as “a dream come true” and said that the demand is “so off the charts that you can’t even see the chart.”

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