Alfa Romeo B-SUV: will this be its final design?

The Alfa Romeo B-SUV will be the next significant development for the Alfa Romeo automotive brand. The model is expected to be unveiled in the coming year, most likely in the first half. Although some images of the vehicle have recently surfaced, there is still no official confirmation that these are the actual images of the SUV, which also lacks an official name.

Based on these images, a video render has been created and published on YouTube by the Mahboub1 channel, showcasing what could be the final design of this vehicle. The Alfa Romeo B-SUV appears as a compact vehicle with a modern and dynamic design, featuring a front end reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo Tonale but with sharper and more angular lines. This vehicle will be built on the CMP platform from the former PSA Group and is expected to have a length ranging from 4.2 to 4.3 meters.

Furthermore, there is a fully electric version of this model planned, marking Alfa Romeo’s first emissions-free production vehicle. The starting price for the hybrid version is expected to be around 30,000 euros, while the fully electric version will likely exceed 40,000 euros.

The Alfa Romeo B-SUV will be a crucial model for the brand’s future, especially in Europe, where vehicles of this type are in high demand. We should soon learn the official name and more details about this vehicle, so there are more updates to look forward to.

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