New BMW M3 will arrive in 2027 and will have over 1,300 horsepower

BMW has confirmed that it is working on a fully electric version of its new BMW M3 sports sedan, which will be based on the new Neue Klasse platform, with a planned debut in 2027. According to BMW’s Head of Development, Frank Weber, this launch is “not too far away from the initial launch of the Neue Klasse as a product line.”

The upcoming electric BMW M3 will feature a powertrain system equipped with four electric motors operating independently, delivering a total power output of 1,341 horsepower. BMW’s new ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will integrate stability control, powertrain/battery software, and chassis control into a single hardware unit as part of BMW’s significant investment in the Neue Klasse platform. This integration is expected to unlock new dynamic capabilities, according to Frank van Meel, the head of the BMW M division.

Frank van Meel also emphasized that the focus for this vehicle won’t just be on power but also on vehicle dynamics. It will define how future electric M cars drive, setting them apart from competitors. The interaction with the driver will be crucial for future electric vehicles from the M division, as van Meel believes.

Regarding the new gasoline-powered BMW M3, it’s likely that this vehicle will be sold alongside the new electric M3 based on BMW’s Neue Klasse platform. Renderings, like the one created by designer Avarvarii, provide an idea of the design direction for this highly anticipated model that will play a significant role in BMW’s future lineup.

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