Volvo invests in a technology start-up

Volvo’s evolution towards becoming a manufacturer of purely electric vehicles by 2030 involves crucial investments in technology and Research and Development (R&D) related to electric motors, inverters, and the overall optimization of the electric propulsion system.

The most recent agreement by Volvo Cars’ investment arm, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, reflects these ambitious goals. Leadrive, a Shanghai-based company established in 2017, is a significant new player in power electronics and control units for purely electric vehicles.

Leadrive specializes in designing and manufacturing power units that utilize Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology. Silicon Carbide is a promising base for developing efficient and flexible electric propulsion systems.

Volvo’s investment in Leadrive aligns with its roadmap for electrification. In recent years, the company has doubled down on crucial technologies, such as the development and production of electric motors and inverters in-house, along with its battery management software. Additionally, Volvo is investing in the development and production of its own batteries through Novo Energy, a joint venture with Northvolt, with a focus on optimizing battery chemistry. These investments allow Volvo to have control over the entire electric propulsion system in its purely electric vehicles.

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