New batteries from Toyota with a range of 800 kilometers!

Toyota has unveiled an ambitious plan to revolutionize battery electric vehicles (BEVs), aiming for a range of up to 800 kilometers using cutting-edge battery technologies.

The company’s vision includes three innovations in liquid electrolyte batteries designed to enhance power, extend range, accelerate charging, and reduce costs. Additionally, Toyota is making significant strides in the development of solid-state batteries, with the goal of mass production.

Starting from 2026, Toyota plans to usher in a new era of electric vehicles with unique designs and state-of-the-art batteries, aiming to create an exceptional driving experience. The next-generation BEVs are expected to hit the market in 2026, with 1.7 million out of 3.5 million BEVs projected to be these groundbreaking models by 2030.

Toyota’s three categories of liquid electrolyte battery technologies are “Performance,” “Popularization,” and “High-Performance.”

The lithium-ion Performance battery, set to debut in 2026, promises a range exceeding 800 kilometers, a 20% cost reduction, and rapid recharging within 20 minutes.

The lithium iron phosphate Popularization battery, expected around 2026-27, offers a 20% increase in travel range, a 40% cost reduction, and fast recharging within 30 minutes.

The high-performance lithium-ion battery, anticipated around 2027-28, provides a range of over 1,000 kilometers, a 10% cost reduction, and rapid charging in 20 minutes or less.

Toyota also believes that solid-state batteries will be a game-changer for electric vehicles, with commercial use planned for 2027-28. The first solid-state battery is expected to offer a 20% increase in travel range compared to the Performance battery, with fast charging in under 10 minutes.

Furthermore, the company is focusing on aerodynamics to maximize range and innovating battery technology to reduce the height of the battery, resulting in a lower vehicle profile, improved range, and an enhanced driving experience.

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