How many kilometers can you drive with the fuel warning light on?

It’s the moment that signals you need to take a necessary detour to the gas station to refuel. The activation of the yellow fuel indicator light should not cause us anxiety, but we should pay attention because unpleasant surprises can happen. Car manufacturers have designed it so that the yellow indicator on the information panel activates relatively early, indicating that there is still a small but sufficient amount of fuel in the tank to reach the gas station without any problems.

The amount of remaining fuel in the tank varies depending on the car and its size. It starts at about 5.5 liters and can go up to 10 liters in most models. There are, of course, some special cases with larger cars or high-performance vehicles where the light can come on and there may still be up to 25 to 30 liters of fuel in the tank.

Manufacturers have ensured that the range of a car with the fuel light on is not less than 50-60 kilometers, and in most cases, cars can go up to 75-80 kilometers. In fact, if the car has a diesel engine, even distances of up to 100 kilometers are easily achievable in most cases.

What to Do When the Yellow Indicator Comes On

If you don’t know where the nearest gas station is, what you should definitely do to maximize your distance is reduce your driving speed to 80-90 kilometers per hour. Driving steadily at these speeds and using the highest gear available, the engine consumes fuel at or near the minimum possible rate. For even greater fuel savings, you can turn off the air conditioning. Additionally, you should adjust your driving style for economy, which means applying gentle and progressive pressure on the accelerator pedal, with a consistently low speed significantly contributing to this.

Finally, it’s important to know that it’s not good to frequently drive the car for extended periods with the fuel light on, as this does not adequately cool the fuel pump, and it will reduce its lifespan.

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