Toyota Yaris without a roof and license plates hit the streets

A completely different Toyota Yaris from what we are used to seeing has been spotted on the streets of the United States, as shown in the photos.

After a Mazda MX-5 disguised as a mini-Cadillac and a Ford Fiesta converted into a Smart car, we now have a damaged car that lacks a windshield, roof, windows, and even license plates, driving around as if nothing is wrong!

At least the driver of this Toyota Yaris “Speedster” is wearing a helmet. But what could have happened to it in reality? Judging from the condition of the left side of the vehicle, it has likely been hit from the side. But why is the roof missing, along with the windows? Could it have rolled over? This has not been clarified.

It’s evident that in such a case, the strength and rigidity of the car’s body have been dramatically reduced, and the protection it offers to passengers in the event of a collision is severely limited. Convertible cars have appropriate reinforcements in their frame structure, which significantly enhance passenger safety in case of a crash. Here, if anything happens, there’s no guarantee of safety.

How the driver of the open-top Toyota Yaris, as seen in the video footage, managed to drive carefree on the streets of Chattanooga, Tennessee in the USA, is a mystery.

If they are doing it as a “game,” they should be aware that it is extremely dangerous. And, of course, it’s completely illegal! Driving any vehicle in such a condition is as dangerous as it is illegal.

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