2024 Lamborghini Aventador Hybrid Successor Reveals With Extreme Bodyworks

The Lamborghini Aventador’s much-anticipated replacement has made its espionage debut sporting a thin covering of camouflage over what seems to be its production body. This is our first glance at the impending hybrid V12 supercar, which gives us a sense of how fierce the new flagship Lamborghini will appear.

Sant’Agata’s yet-unnamed flagship preserves the typical wedge design with the tail broader than the front, but every component is new. In comparison to the Aventador, the new huge Lambo looks to feature a more contoured appearance with wider side intakes for cooling the hybrid V12 engine.

The front appearance remains razor-sharp, with narrow headlights set low on the fenders, additional daytime running lights on the nose, and a prominent splitter that merges with the bumper intakes. At the rear, we observe slim Y-shaped LED taillights that are suitable with Lamborghini’s newest design choices, located on the same level as the quad exhaust pipes. The latter are spherical, but based on an earlier prototype, we anticipate they will be covered with hexagonal panels to match the surrounding body panels.

Slightly above the exhausts is an active rear wing with sufficient area to ward off the heat. Finally, a big diffuser covers a major amount of the back bumper. On this early prototype, the engine cover is incomplete, with components of the powerplant visible.

Lamborghini has been developing its next-generation flagship supercar for some time. The first mule surfaced in November 2021 sporting an Aventador body, followed by a more refined prototype in December 2021 concealed behind an abundance of camouflage coverings.

The next Lamborghini flagship has been officially confirmed to be powered by a V12, in keeping with the heritage of its lineage (Miura, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago, and Aventador), however this time it will be electrified. The hybrid powertrain will be completely unique from the limited-production Sián FKP 37 and Countach LPI 800-4 mild hybrids, with a new engine, transmission, electric motor, and battery.

Lamborghini’s next V12-powered model is slated to come in 2023, after the facelifted Urus Evo and Huracan JV Stradale and Sterrato models in 2022. Lamborghini’s future plans include the introduction of a hybrid baby Lambo in 2024, which will complete the company’s completely electrified portfolio, with the first fully electric Lamborghini coming in 2027 or 2028.