New iPhone 15: This is how they will save lives even where there is no signal

Apple unveiled the new models of the iPhone 15 series, which come with various upgrades including an enhanced camera, a USB-C port, and the new A17 Pro processor that offers significantly improved performance.

In addition to the above, the iPhone 15 series has evolved with a focus on road safety, as demonstrated by the addition of the “Roadside Assistance” feature via satellite.

This feature, exclusively available in the United States, is launched in partnership with the American Automobile Association (AAA) and essentially expands the capabilities of the Emergency SOS satellite function introduced last year with the iPhone 14 series.

It should be noted that the “Roadside Assistance” feature will also be available for the already-released iPhone 14 series.

Regarding its usage, the mobile phone user can contact AAA, notifying them of the reasons they require roadside assistance. Some of the reasons may include being locked out of the vehicle, running out of fuel, a flat tire, engine failure, or vehicle immobilization.

Once AAA is informed, procedures will be initiated to dispatch a AAA representative to the user’s location to address the issue.

It’s worth noting that for the seamless operation of Roadside Assistance via satellite, there should be no obstruction between the mobile device and the sky, meaning it might become ineffective in an underground garage.

Furthermore, AAA informs that the user should be near a road with their vehicle, as vehicles with no mobility capabilities in rugged areas are not available.

It is important to recall that the Emergency Call service via satellite, which was introduced with the iPhone 14 series, enables users to communicate with emergency services in areas outside mobile network and Wi-Fi coverage. This is an extremely useful service that has saved numerous lives.

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