Vivo smartphones: Guarantee of reliability and exceptional performance in the mid-range category

The vivo V series excels in terms of reliability, thanks to the company’s extensive testing that assesses the durability of each device under both everyday and adverse conditions.

Reliability in the construction of today’s smartphones is a crucial factor for consumers who seek their ideal “gadget companion,” one that can withstand any conditions of their daily lives. Vivo, true to its values, has demonstrated and continues to commit to producing efficient and competitive smartphones, regardless of the category they fall into.

With impressive camera specs, even in the mid-range category, vivo ensures that users can have cost-effective devices without compromising on quality. The mid-range V series by vivo combines quality and durability. Recognizing the importance of “everyday use” and exposing smartphones to adverse conditions, vivo guarantees reliability, stability, and durability through rigorous laboratory tests during the development phase.

The reliability of vivo smartphones starts with their screens. As modern technology users and smartphone enthusiasts, we are aware that one of the primary reasons for replacing a device, sometimes prematurely, is due to incorrect use leading to multiple damages to the screen. Often, damage to internal systems is even more detrimental and cannot be resolved by simply replacing the screen. Vivo ensures that all smartphones undergo laboratory tests during their trial production phase, exposing them to adverse conditions like water and dust, testing their resistance. They also evaluate their resistance to drops, a common cause of screen scratches, cracks, and breaks. With vivo’s V series devices, consumers can feel secure about their durability thanks to advanced screen glass used, sourced from top global screen technology manufacturers.

Vivo conducts comprehensive reliability tests on devices and components, assessing environmental tolerance, water resistance, mechanical durability, environmental impact, drop resistance, aging, and safety. They also test the casing’s resistance to everyday scratches, simulating drops from various angles up to 32,000 times to replicate real-life usage scenarios. As a result of these meticulous processes, vivo has reduced the rate of cracked screens by 70%, significantly extending the product’s lifespan and ensuring greater reliability and safety for users.

Functionality and durability for all weather conditions are essential considerations for smartphones. Vivo devices undergo laboratory tests for resistance to environmental factors like water, dust, extreme temperatures, and humidity. They are IP54-certified for water resistance, offering dust resistance as well.

Moreover, vivo’s reliability ensures that its devices perform exceptionally well, even in the mid-range category. The vivo V series, including the latest V29 Lite model, is designed to provide a smooth but powerful experience. These devices offer exceptional energy efficiency and optimized power consumption. Their fast processors and hardware contribute to avoiding system freezes, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Vivo’s commitment to delivering excellent performance extends beyond flagship devices to mid-range smartphones, making them reliable options for long-term use, designed to withstand daily demands and external factors. Quality construction is a crucial factor for vivo, along with competitive pricing, making them a trustworthy choice in the smartphone market.

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